client testimonial“Heidi was a breath of fresh air. She was able to wrap her arms around the business very quickly and identify the human capital needs required to affect change. Her approachable style, level of communication and transparency enabled rapid progress and cross departmental buy-in.”

Managing Director, Confidential Private Equity Firm

“Heidi was easy to work with, persistent and debunked myths. She identified and provided us with a clear roadmap to accomplishing savings objectives during a time of integration. This roadmap was incredibly helpful to me in making an impact on the performance of the organization quickly.”

Wayne Graham, Chief Operating Officer, Vigor

“Heidi was quickly able to understand our business and key drivers. As a result, she identified emerging trends in the business that will allow us to proactively manage our costs. She developed a framework that allows us to set expectations with our external partners to manage a segment of our assets. This will increase our earnings and reduce volatility in our business. She was easy to work with and made complex topics easy to understand.”

Steve Shaver, President, Shaver Transportation Company

“Heidi provides key leadership as we work to improve our support for children facing risks. She’s helped me clarify our business focus, organize and streamline resources and improve all-around performance. Heidi has made a profound and lasting impact.”

Andy Nelson, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest

“Heidi has worked with Arnerich Massena on a number of initiatives and has become a trusted advisor to me and the rest of our management team.  As an experienced finance officer, we called on Heidi to help us address structural, staffing and technical issues in our finance function. More importantly, her counsel on strategic and business planning has been invaluable.  Heidi worked with us to not only help define our strategy but also to implement a framework where the strategy was tied to organizational, departmental, and even individual goals and metrics.

And more than once we’ve picked up the phone for a quick chat and then come away from the conversation with insights that have fundamentally impacted our approach in a positive way.   A number of her insights have become standard parlance in how we do business.  I consider Heidi to be a key partner in our firm’s success.”

Scott Dunbar, Senior Managing Director, Arnerich Massena, Inc.

“Heidi generously made time to speak in my MBA accounting class and I can see why she is such an asset to so many organizations.  She elegantly wove together a very easy to understand argument for how strategy and finance need to work together to achieve success.  Students came away realizing the need to look forward while managing the day to day, but also not ignoring the mistakes and triumphs from the past that can serve as lessons learned.  Her talk was technical without being wonky and just the right touch of personal to highlight her professional talents.  Our MBA students are working professionals and after she left it was clear from their comments that Heidi provided them insights and advice to better unite strategy and finance.  She was able to teach my students lessons that take me an entire semester.”

Jane Cote, Academic Director, Carson College of Business, WSU Vancouver

“I have had the pleasure of various business discussions with Heidi.  Her depth of knowledge in the broad range of areas that makes a business successful is impressive.  This was in full view during her guest lecture at the PSU graduate class I teach on Strategic Planning, ETM525/625.  Her insights covered valuable directions from human considerations on recruiting to operations and financial best practices.  It is easy to enjoy new practical ideas in every interaction with Heidi.”
Ron Khormaei, PhD; Adjunct Professsor, Engineering & Technology Management, PSU; Technology Executive