two deer, two strategies

A lesson from deer on business strategy

The crackle of movement through the woods caught our attention. Moments later, a deer came leaping down the hill, across the trail and disappeared into the trees and brush on the other side. It didn’t stopped, it just proceeded full speed ahead. Behind it was another deer that stopped in the brush to observe the two people and dog looking at it from the trail. We stared at each other for a few moments until the deer decided it could proceed leaping down the hill, across the trail and disappear on the other side. Two deer, two approaches.

There are all sorts of business models that are more or less effective depending upon the environment. Like the deer, full speed ahead without worrying about risk can be highly effective. Other times, observing risk before proceeding makes sense. And sometimes either one will work. Figuring out which makes sense and when is important to long term survival.

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