Are too many projects started, but not finished, creating chaos in your organization?

There’s an intersection that has been under construction for months. More accurately, the corners have been torn up and cones blocking the right turn lanes. The sidewalks have been closed, causing people in wheelchairs to have to enter the street to navigate the intersection. And while the project clearly started months ago, there hasn’t been any activity to finish it. As a result, the intersection remains clogged as people try to navigate it.

That’s the thing about starting too many things in a business. Stuff gets torn up and creates a chaotic situation when it is not finished. And the tendency is to start the next thing before finishing the project that is underway. It slows everything down and makes people feel like they aren’t making progress.

High-performing companies know that it is better to start fewer projects and finish them before moving to the next. Things actually work better and more progress is made. How are you avoiding chaos in your organization?

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