are you adding unnecessary steps?

Are you adding unnecessary steps?

The other day I decided to make chicken stock. The WSJ had a recipe several weeks ago and it looked really easy. And a great way to use the whole chicken while creating another ingredient I often use—chicken stock.

So, I pulled out the pot, took the strainer part out and dumped all of the ingredients in the pot and let it go for a few hours. At the end, while looking at the built in strainer sitting on the counter that I removed, I kicked myself for taking that portion of the pot out that would have made it easier to strain at the end. Instead, I ended up with a much more manual process that took longer.

These sorts of situations happen in business all the time. We end up taking out parts of the process that would have made the process smoother in the long run. Or we add things in that end up slowing the entire process down. How often are you adding unnecessary steps into your business?

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