are you measuring the right things

Are you looking at the wrong metrics?

A few months ago, my iPhone started showing a weekly screen time report. It pops up every weekend and shows how many minutes were spent on various apps. It was a wild swing that got me to look at the report. I turned on gps and a podcast for my journey. For a one hour trip, I racked up 2 hours of screen time (1 hour for each app).

That experience got me thinking about how misleading metrics can be. The point of this particular one is to get you to spend less time on the apps. But the duplicative nature of counting screen time and the inclusion of things like the gps app make the metrics misleading. So, I end up ignoring the report.

How often do you find you are ignoring metrics in your business? Metrics that aren’t measuring things the right way? If you find things are not working well with your metrics, fix them. Don’t ignore them. When you get it right, your metrics will give you insight into your business.

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