Are you out of alignment?

Are you out of alignment and don’t even know it?

I bent over to pick up my gym bag and felt a sharp pain. Hobbling in to see the chiropractor, she said it wasn’t a one off event, it was the last straw. Apparently my hips were different heights and my pelvis was twisted. And somehow I didn’t know.

That’s what happens when things start slipping out of alignment. They are gradual, so you don’t notice them. And then you get to the point where things no longer work. And it feels like it came out of the blue.

Business is like that too. That’s why you need warning systems to make sure you aren’t getting out of alignment. Business reviews and a structured approach to make sure you aren’t getting complacent are critical to making sure you stay in alignment.

My book, Leading the High-Performing Company, has tools you can use to stay aligned and lead your organization to new heights.

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