are you measuring the right things

Are your metrics the right ones?

The departure to Boston was delayed by a bad weather system passing through the Boston area. Not much the airline can do about it. The FAA made the call. After some time, we boarded the plane, the door shut and the jet bridge was pulled back. We were on the way!  Or so I thought.

The captain came on and said we hadn’t been cleared for take-off, but he was going to taxi out a bit, hoping an earlier departure would come through. And that’s when I looked at the flight tracking to see the departure time was recorded when the door shut and the jet bridge pulled back.

For the airline, that was the part they could control. But as a customer, I don’t care who is controlling the issue. Late is late.

That’s the thing about metrics. It is easy to have metrics that show you are doing well. But if your metrics aren’t showing the whole picture, you are just fooling yourself! Have you checked in on your metrics lately? Are they accurately showing what is going on in your business? If not, it is time to rethink what you are measuring.

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