Are your people jumping through hoops?

jumping through hoopsHave you ever been asked to jump through hoops? It happens with regular frequency. Someone recently relayed their experience with me. It began with a request for information to be turned around in an hour. The requestor let the information sit for a week and a half before responding with a minor clarification. A week and a half later, a flurry of email requests ensued over the course of a weekend. More requests were made the following week with multiple demands for information to make it easier for the requestor and incredibly more difficult for the person responding. After jumping through the hoops after hours, the requestor decided not to use the information.

Jumping through hoops causes drops in productivity, diversion from key goals and frustration for the people on the receiving end. How often do you have fire dills or ask people to jump through hoops in your organization? What can you do to avoid them?

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