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articles, sharing, best practiceI enjoy sharing thinking, insights and perspective on interesting business topics. The goal is to help you gain insights or think through taking the next steps in an important decision in your business.

Clarity of Purpose

Purpose outlines why your organization exists and the impact it will have on others. It influences the customers you attract, the people who want to be part of your company, and the way work happens every day. It enables people within your organization to focus and become engaged. It is not enough just to know your purpose – you must be clear and consistent for it to come to life. These articles are focused on the clarity of your purpose.

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The Team

For an organization to be successful, it takes the right combination of skillsets and capabilities, focus on purpose and objectives, strong leadership and an engaged team. These articles are meant to stimulate your thinking on evolving the skillsets of your team along with your organization, driving engagement, and aligning the capabilities of your team to your needs.

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The Scoreboard

Finding the right combination of metrics is key to judging how well you are doing as an organization. At a high level, there are typically only a few that will matter. They may not all be financial. Engagement scores, customer satisfaction or some other non-financial measure may be critical to tell how well your organization is achieving its purpose. These articles are designed to help you think through what is right for you.

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The Integrated Self

As a leader, people internally and externally will be looking to you to set direction, to bring out the best in people and to accomplish the stated goals of the organization and achieve its purpose. You will need to make decisions quickly, focus on the right things and maintain a high level of energy. To do that, you need to be operating at your peak. Finding what works best for you to align your mind and body, along with your energy and your values are the subject of this section.

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General Business

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