Four Key Outcomes From an Integrated Self That Drive Company Performance

integrated self - blueprint for successBy Heidi Pozzo

Leadership is a highly covered topic from many angles by many people. Many times the perspectives are around increasing company performance. But what does it really take for a leader to be at their best? It takes an integrated self. What is the integrated self? It is the alignment between your beliefs and values, the performance of your body, and the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Your body performs well as there is an appropriate balance of exercise and nutrition that works for you. There is a consistent perspective of you across all facets of your life – you don’t wear many masks, there is only one. You are at peace with your decisions as they align with your values and that allows you to operate at an optimal level. And as a result, you sleep well at night.

In this article, I’ll outline four outcomes between the integrated self and company performance. I’ve spent twenty years in leadership positions and working with leaders, and during this time have spent a lot of time researching and practicing leadership techniques. The resulting findings are four key outcomes from an integrated self that drive exponential business performance:

Increased Energy – the amount of personal energy necessary to sustain peak performance personally and as a leader of a company requires constant renewal. Finding daily, weekly and monthly time outs to re-center and fill up the energy bank, rather than depleting it, is critical to sustaining peak performance. It enables the leader to be seen as a positive force within the company.

Focus on Values – people that have figured out what they are about and what is important, tend to align their own values with those of their company by choosing where to work, creating a similar culture. Having clear alignment means that when actions are taken, they are understandable and reflect the values. This is typically transparent throughout the organization, and creates a level of trust and respect.

Enhanced Engagement – people look to their leaders for strength, focus and drive. By being connecting with the self, people can see the internal alignment with external actions. People see this and become more engaged – showing up fully each day, creating an environment of exponential growth.

Ability to respond quickly – by aligning the mind and body, living a healthy lifestyle and being well rested, the leader is able to focus and not get distracted. Creativity is increased as the mind is not cluttered and has the capacity to think broadly in an unhindered manner. Leaders working at a level of peak performance are able to focus and make decisions quickly.


Leaders set the standard in their organizations. Setting the right tone, acting with consistency and integrity, and showing up at their best is critical to a high performing organization. The integrated self is the foundation.


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