Who Is On Your Personal Board of Directors?

who is on your personal board of directors

You are a successful business leader or aspiring to be. To become successful, you had to seek the advice of others in areas that complemented your expertise. Maybe it was formal. Maybe it was informal. Maybe you have a board of directors that helps guide the success of your company. The circle of people you created in your business life has helped you achieve your goals. What about the rest of your life? Have you surrounded yourself with a personal board of directors that helps you achieve your success in your career and life?

A personal board of directors can help you keep focused on your goals and objectives, resulting a fulfilling life. They challenge you. They push you to achieve your personal best. And they hold you accountable when you aren’t focused on the things that you claim are a priority. While you will always have family members that can give you a perspective, it is important to have people outside your family circle to broaden your perspective. In thinking about the people who should be on your personal board, the seats should be filled by someone who:

Helps You Maintain Perspective

Life can get crazy. Major changes in family situations, major changes at work, relocations, etc. can increase your stress levels. Maybe your circle of friends or the general environment or economy becomes negative. Your mindset may start to drift from one that can easily sort through the muck to getting bogged down. Who will snap you out of it and remind you that you need to move to a positive mindset, or help you let go when you need to. There are times when we need help navigating the choppy waters and maintaining perspective. We need to celebrate successes when they happen. Who helps you maintain perspective?

Challenges Your Thinking

It is really easy to surround yourself with people who think like you and agree with your perspectives. That doesn’t help you grow. Who in your circle has a different viewpoint that is at odds with yours? Who stretches your thinking by getting you to see possibilities you hadn’t realized existed? Traveling, reading, having a diverse circle of people and activities can help you challenge your thinking.

Inspires You to Grow

This person may or may not be working in your current business. They see the potential in you and challenge you to develop your skills. They understand your passion and challenge you to be your best. They push you to align your values with what you do everyday. They inspire you to become your best self. Who inspires you?

Helps You Refocus on Family and Friends

Time flies. When things get really busy at work, it is easy to put family and friends on the back burner. After all, they will be there next week, next month, when your workload declines. For many people, guilt increases exponentially by not spending time with family and friends. There are ways to be there, but sometimes it takes creativity and support. Who do you look to for a guilt free perspective to keep you involved in the lives of family and friends?

Brings Focus to Your Health and Wellbeing

You are no good to anyone if you aren’t healthy. Many times this is the last area that gets focus. The reality is – if you are in a healthy frame of mind and body, you will show up better in every area of life. But that takes eating right, sleeping enough, and getting exercise. There are no shortcuts. For everyone, it is a bit different. Who do you have that helps you find what works for you? Do you have someone that helps keep you on track?

Can Show You the Ropes

You’ve probably figured things out in your current role or position in life. But, if you employ a perspective of life long learning, you will soon find yourself in a new role or environment because you have grown. Who can help you navigate your new waters? Who has been there and can show you how not to stumble? You will make mistakes along the way – it will help you learn. But you don’t need to recreate the wheel. Who can you seek out to show you the ropes?

Has a Frank Perspective

You do many things well. And some things not so well. Who knows you well enough to give you an unvarnished, helpful perspective? There may be two people – one at work and one in life. Build on your strengths and shore up your weaknesses. It is important to be specific on the areas that need help, and not to generalize them. Conversely, generalizing strengths is appropriate. Who can you recruit to give you a frank and constructive perspective?

You will accomplish what you make a priority. It is an easy concept, but hard to implement and really embrace. But once you do, your personal board of directors can help you stay on track. When you engage them, let them know what role you would like them to play and make sure they are ok with it. When they fill that role, make sure you are ready for it. Time is a limited resource, so you should be fully engaged when you are working with your personal board of directors. There should be something in it for them. Buy them lunch or dinner or provide support to them in other ways. And don’t forget to express your appreciation. What steps are you taking to build your personal board of directors?


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