Counter surfing

counter surfing. don't be afraidIt has been just over a year since I adopted my dog. She was incredibly timid and had lots of anxiety when I got her. So when she started counter surfing last week I had mixed emotions. There is an art to counter surfing. The dog waits until the coast is clear then helps themself to the tasty morsel on the counter that calls out to them. No one wants their dog to counter surf. It is totally unacceptable. But, I was happy that she feels comfortable and is coming into herself. She saw what she wanted and she went for it. She was no longer held back by anxiety and fear. She just went for it. In business, there are so many things that can hold us back from going for it. Whether it is a growth initiative or introducing a new product, or hiring key people, what is holding you back from going for it?

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