Decide what you want and go for it

Decide what you want and go for it

My rescue dog was timid when I got her. She didn’t push the boundaries much at home. As she has become more comfortable and confident, she has pushed the boundaries. And last week she made a big jump. It was trash day and I went out to the curb make a deposit.

Apparently, I left the door ajar and my dog slipped out. She wanted to cruise the area and I wasn’t going to stop her. My wet sandals wouldn’t let me catch up with her, and running after her would just make her go faster anyway. She got some good sniffing and adventures in before a young girl came out to see her and give her pats. Adventure over.

The thing is, my dog decided what she wanted and went for it. There was no hesitation. She knew she was going to have a grand time. And she did.

How many times do you go for it in business or life? There can be so much analysis paralysis that the joy is lost and the trajectory is leveled off. Sometimes, it is best to just go for it and figure things out along the way. What is holding you back from going for it?

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