are you magnifying the right things?

Did you really intend to magnify that?

All the screens for the windows on my house were pulled down to be cleaned. To keep mud and grass off them, I laid a piece of plastic on top of my grass in the shade. Then mid way through the project, someone stopped by my house and then a call came through. By that time, the sun shifted and the spot was in the sun, so I quickly finished, pulled up the plastic and moved on.

It wasn’t until the next day that I noticed burned spots on my grass. Apparently, the little water pockets magnified the sun and burned the grass. The damage wasn’t permanent, but it did last a few weeks.

That’s the thing about magnifying. Sometimes it is necessary to make progress. Other times, when done incorrectly or unintentionally, it can make things worse. Are you paying attention to what you magnify?

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