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Do your customers notice when you put your B team out front?

The fall season has started. It always seems like a long time between the last ballet and the start of the new season. So, I was excited for the upcoming opening. The reviews were mixed from friends who saw it ahead of me. Like many, I have my favorites and was hoping to see them in lead roles. Not only did I not see my favorites, but none of the principal dancers were in lead roles. A few danced in portions of the ballet, but in lesser roles.

At my performance, we had the B team. The soloists. They are good, solid dancers. Someday, they may even be great. But, today there is an element missing that makes you go “wow” when you see them dance. And you could hear it in the audience reaction. The applause was nice, but not what you hear when you see greatness. Even without specific knowledge of ballet, you know great when you see it.

The thing is, people notice when the B team is out front. They may not know it is the B team, but they will know the experience is not to the level it could be. Is that the experience you want for your customers?

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