Don’t let a good crisis go to waste

Don't let a good crisis go to wasteThere is always a point in time in business where market forces create tension in the business. It may be the loss of a significant customer, a cyclical downturn, or maybe the introduction of a new competitor or product. The point is – you now have something putting pressure on your business demanding immediate attention. It is a reason to come together as a company and do something different. It is the case for change.

Making change happen is one of the toughest things you can do in business. People want a reason to do something different – a case for change or a burning platform. It is comfortable to do the same thing – call it routine or habit. And doing something different takes a lot of effort.

Have you had a crisis recently? A big one doesn’t come around every day. So leverage it while it is there. It can make the difference in your organization surviving.

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