fending off the zombies

Fending Off the Zombie Apocalypse

It happens every year. The weather starts to change and the sniffles start. Soon, the sniffles turn to colds. The coughing starts and the Purell bottles pop up on desks. But, the work needs to get done. People keep showing up with dark circles, baggy jowls, carrying tissues to blow their noses. It is a cacophony of tooting horns and hacking coughs. The zombie apocalypse arrives.

Have you ever noticed that the zombie apocalypse doesn’t hit everywhere? It seems to hit certain companies harder than others. The ones where the stress levels are high. Where people work insane hours trying to advance causes that aren’t advancing.  It doesn’t hit as hard in companies that are outperforming. Stress levels are significantly lower and things just work. As a result, the zombies aren’t present.

How are you fending off the zombie apocalypse? You can find a number of tips to keep your energy high and be your best in my book, Leading the High-Performing Company.

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