The High-Performance Jumpstart Program

Why aren’t more businesses High-Performing?

Leaders many times are focused on the battles of today. The economy is either growing or shrinking rapidly, requiring focus on adjusting the business quickly. They haven’t stepped back to look at the business as a whole and developed their roadmap to success. And many times, they haven’t thought about how being at their best personally impacts the business. The leader and the business are intertwined and the health of one impacts the health of the other. They need help establishing the building blocks that are necessary to be high-performing.

What is the High-Performance Jumpstart Program?

You’ve been busy with the breakneck pace of today just trying to keep the wheels on. This is a high impact, focused program designed to quickly advance your organization to high-performing status. After a scoping call and pre-work, a one day intensive session results in prioritized actions, key resources needed and desired outcomes.

Why this matters?

The world is moving so quickly right now that it is difficult to pause for a moment and assess whether all of the building blocks to be successful over the long term are in place. And that is exactly when things start to stall out—when you are busy today and don’t have time to think about the future.

There are tons of books about business and leadership. Many have great tips in one area or another. But stepping back and getting an unvarnished perspective on the entirety of your business isn’t going to come from reading books. It takes someone who has been there to guide you through all of the perspectives you haven’t seen in books or had time to think about.

Why you should be High-Performing?

  • Your business will be recognized as top performing in your industry
  • Your business will outperform your competitors
  • Your organization is running so well, it is easy to get work done
  • Your team will be highly engaged
  • Your people will be excited to come to work
  • Your people will connect with the purpose of your organization and know how they fit in
  • Your customers will be delighted with your products or services
  • Your investors will be pleased with the return on their investment
  • Your receive support from your community and are a robust supplier of jobs, taxes and support
  • Your stress level will be significantly lower
  • You will have time to spend on things that matter to you

Who would most benefit from this program?

Any leader who wants to rapidly move to high-performing status in order to:

  • Rapidly grow their business
  • Leverage resources to achieve outsized results
  • Maximize personal effectiveness and energy

CEOs, executives, directors, and founders from any industry will benefit from the program. This program is ideal for leaders who want to make progress now and are willing to put the resources behind making it happen.

How does this work?

In meeting with busy executives and writing her book, Leading the High-Performing Company, Heidi received questions and requests about what it takes to become high performing. She developed this program for busy executives to jumpstart their journey.

  • You’ll complete the High-Performing Index Assessment
  • We will have a scoping call to agree on areas of focus, and confirm what materials you need to bring to our full day session
  • We will meet for a full day and go through the results of the assessment, develop prioritized actions, key resources to get there, and desired outcomes. We’ll also identify roadblocks and accountabilities to get the results you want.

What results should you expect upon implementing the prioritized actions?

Leaders who move their organizations to high-performing status achieve:

  • Increased earnings
  • More effective use of time
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Better quality of life

Want to get started?

Contact me at heidi@heidipozzo.comor 360.355.7862

Prior Results

  • “Heidi was able to wrap her arms around the business very quickly and identify the human capital needs required to affect change.” Managing Partner, Private Equity Firm
  • “Heidi helped me clarify our business focus, organize and streamline resources and improve all-around performance.” Andy Nelson, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • “Heidi was quickly able to understand our business and key drivers. As a result, she identified emerging trends in the business that will allow us to proactively manage our costs.” Steve Shaver, President, Shaver Transportation