are you taking more time than you need?

How much time and money are you wasting?

Work from home has brought about many changes. A lot of them are good. Some, not so much. Pre-COVID, making meetings as efficient as possible was a top area of focus. Somehow, with all of the adjustments, meeting efficiency has dropped significantly. Agendas are not as tight, leaving lots of inefficient time.

But the biggest change is not starting on time. Meetings now regularly have an appointed start time, but when people logon, an announcement is made that the meeting will actually start a few minutes past the announced start time. The result is, for those in the know, logging on late and for those not in the know, wasted time that can be used for something else. And wasted time is wasted money.

High performing companies set start times and use time efficiently. They have tight agendas and focus on decisions and actions. Have you slid backwards on meetings in the work from home era? If so, it is time to get back on track!

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