how signs are interpreted leads to very different results

How signs are interpreted leads to very different outcome

The other day, I was exiting a parking lot through a one way exit that was marked with a big do not enter sign from the street. Just feet away to my left was the entrance, marked with a big one way sign. But that didn’t deter the person that was racing straight toward me up the exit driveway. I don’t know if they didn’t see the big signs, or saw them and ignored them because it was a faster route to where they wanted to park.

Big, obvious signs can be found all around businesses. People sometimes miss them because they aren’t paying attention. A problem that can lead to safety issues, mistakes that gum up the works, or mistakes that cause big losses for the company. On the other hand, seeing the signs and ignoring them can come about because there is a better way. The sign may no longer be relevant and it should be addressed by removing it. Or, the sign, or a rule or law, is viewed as obstructing progress and the decision about the consequences needs to be evaluated carefully.

How the signs are interpreted leads to very different outcomes.

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