how much friction is in your business?

Is the friction in your business higher than you think?

The roads in the area are in the process of being repaved. When I moved here, they were in bad shape and have worsened in the decade since. Ruts, potholes, and rough pavement made the drive an adventure. But it wasn’t until the freshly paved lane stood next to the lane waiting to be repaved that I realized just how bad the old one was. The freshly paved lane was quiet and smooth. Switching lanes brought a significant amount of noise and vibration from the rough surface.

The thing is, things wear down over time. They don’t work quite as well. The friction increases. And it isn’t until they are fixed that you realize how bad it was. That’s why it is important to have measures in place to signal when it is time to make a change. If you go by feel alone, you’ll miss when it is time to pull the trigger. How are you measuring the friction in your business?

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