rules vs guidelines

Rules vs. Guidelines. And Who Decides

The playground portion of the park has been under construction for months. Parts are complete while others are in progress. The county put a fence around it for what can be assumed are safety issues and a desire not to have in progress portions damaged.

And still, parents disassemble the fence in places and pry it apart in others so they can squeeze through so their kids can play. At other times parents stand on the outside with their kids looking at what is to come. Some view the fence as a rule that is meant to keep people out, while others look at as a guideline that the park can be used depending upon the conditions at the time.

At work, the same thing happens. Some people look at a situation and believe rules are in place that need to be followed, while others think they are guidelines that allow for usage. The trick for leaders is establishing a common understanding of rules vs. guidelines and when they apply.

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