I offer a variety of services aimed at helping leaders gain the focus and skills to tremendously increase the value of their business.

Advisory services – A tailored approach based on specific needs that hones in on:

  • Embedding strategy into the fabric of the organization to drive increased value
  • Identifying and linking key operational and financial indicators to strategic goals and outcomes
  • Providing deep insights into organizational talent and fit
  • Developing a framework that links individual goals and performance to the organization’s

Speaking – Talks are designed to provide leaders with insights, ideas and techniques into how to be successful in business. Typically they are 40-60 minutes in length including Q&A time. Examples of topics include

  • 10 ways to increase the value of your business.
  • Business is all about people

Articles supporting these topics can be found here.

Coaching and Mentoring – Focused on improving the skills and behaviors of key leaders as follows:

  • Coaching is focused on improving a specific issue in a specific time frame
  • Mentoring is focused on skills or behaviors during a specific time