the passing lane

The Passing Lane

It was an interesting thing to see. On the drive up the mountain, most of the way, the road was one lane each way. Eventually the pack catches up with a car that was going slower than the rest, slowing the entire group down. And periodically, a passing lane would appear.

As the first car moved to the right, it would speed up. The rest of the pack would have to floor it to pass. The speed would increase 15-20 mph to get past the car in front. It happened every time. And as soon as the lane went back to one, the speed would drop back to where it was before the passing lane.

It finally hit me. People are competitive. They don’t want to get passed up. So every time the challenge of the passing lane came around, it pushed everyone to move faster.


It was a good reminder that we all need competition to move faster. Do you have a passing lane in your business designed to get everyone to move faster?

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