The sweet sound of your name

sweet sound of your nameThe doors of the elevator opened to the executive floor where I had a meeting with my boss to review the project progress. Like many would, I was thinking about the key points to cover, timelines, progress, etc. as I walked down the hall. And as I looked up, walking down the hall was my boss’ boss. I had never met him before. He was responsible for billions of dollars in revenue, thousands of people, hundreds of projects all over the world – and was on the road a lot. As he passed by, he said “Hi Heidi. How’s the risk project you are working on going?” I was stunned. He knew my name and what I was working on. Wow! That was more than a decade and a half ago and I still remember it.

What a powerful lesson in leadership. Knowing who your people are and how they are contributing. Being able to greet them by name, in some cases without having met them before. Business is all about people – how well you engage them, focus them on objectives and create success. How are you connecting with yours?

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