The Value of a Sounding Board

sounding boardIt’s lonely at the top. And until you get there, you don’t really understand how true that statement is. You are responsible for the organization – its people, its products and its results. The tough decisions, the balls that need to be juggled and the lack of people in the company that you can talk to on sensitive issues and hard decisions that need to be made. It can be a heavy load.   But it can also be a lot of fun with the right perspective and outlook. That’s why it is important as a senior leader to have a sounding board.

Years ago, someone introduced me to the idea of a personal board of directors. People you go to for various areas in your life that have perspectives that challenge your own. For each person it will be different, but it helps to have people that have known you for years in some cases, and are new to you in other cases. These folks should push you to be your personal best – at work and in life. I’ve loved this concept and use it in my own life and it has made me reflect and adjust in ways that are difficult, but needed.

In addition to the personal board of directors, there may be times that more intense focus is needed to address a specific opportunity. At those times, it may be necessary to bring on someone who has been in the same shoes and made hard decisions from a leadership perspective. It’s important to be able to bounce ideas, thoughts and challenges off of someone who has been there and can help you sort through a clear path forward.

Do you have a personal board of directors or a person you can go to as a sounding board? How are you getting the advice you need to be successful?

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