we're different because

We’re Different Because…..

“We’re different because…” is one of the phrases I hear regularly, either directly or indirectly. But, it isn’t typically used to describe why the business is blowing away the competition. It is used to explain poor results, typically accompanied by insults or disdain aimed at the person on the other side of the conversation. Just look at Elon Musk’s Q1earnings release teleconference. It was so bad, he had to apologize in his Q2 earnings release.

The thing is, there are business fundamentals that apply to everyone, regardless of industry. When things are tough, it is natural to feel a bit defensive. Rather than push back on the question being asked, understand why the question is being asked. It is usually a valid reason and an indication something is missing in the business. The only time to use “we’re different” is to describe unusual success.

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