how are you making sure you don't miss things because they blend in

What are you missing because it blended in?

It’s the summer growing season. And if you know me well, you know I grow a bunch of things. Including padron peppers. The thing about padrons is the pepper is the exact same color as the leaves. So, as the peppers grow, they tend to blend in, making it very easy to miss them amongst the plant. Just yesterday, I found a pepper that was three times the optimal size at which they are picked. Which means I missed if for a few weeks.

The same things happen in business. At some point, it becomes easy to miss things that need to be dealt with. We miss the point when an action should be taken because everything begins to blend in with each other. So, when it is finally seen, it is a much bigger issue to deal with.

How are you making sure you get perspective to see all of the parts of your business and not just letting them blend together?

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