What is your evidence of that?

What evidence supports that?A number of recent articles and press releases have touted the successful launch of products and progress of companies. Folks have interviewed these companies and praised their success. Interestingly, as I’ve reached out to congratulate some of these CEOs, their response has been a surprise. They aren’t actually doing that well. Sure, there is a win, but the underlying financial results aren’t there yet. If you did a poll on the streets, you’d think these companies are wildly successful. But, the perception and reality don’t line up.

It is an important lesson in business. Whether it is the performance of people, the progress of the business, or the interests of customers, it is important to be able to point to facts and not just perceptions. As a leader, working off perceptions and not facts can lead you down a problematic path. So, the next time someone is trying to influence you, ask: what is your evidence of that?


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