What message are you trying to communicate?

The postcard arrived in the mail. It was bright yellow and talked about Real ID. Starting in October 2020, Washington State driver licenses will no longer be accepted by TSA at the airport as they are not compliant with federal regulations. An enhanced license is necessary to use at the airport. But it requires a trip to the DMV to provide all the necessary documentation.

I’ve heard about the upcoming change for a while, so wasn’t surprised to see the post card. I set it aside to handle in a few months when my schedule settled down. That was until I pulled out my license to show it to the store clerk and they said it was expired! Usually there is a renewal letter, but not this time. The woman at the DMV said the postcard was the renewal prompt. My takeaway from the postcard was about Real ID, not that my license was expiring.

In business, we communicate all the time. But is it the message you intend?

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