You Only Accomplish What You Make a Priority

you accomplish what you make a priorityIt’s that time of year again. January 1 is here and the New Year has started. Along with that comes the slew of New Years resolutions. It is visually apparent at the gym. Those of us who go regularly watch it happen every year. The place fills to the brim with people who want to get healthy, get in shape, etc. It will be packed for about a month and then go back to normal. Why? Because the resolution was a checklist item, not a priority. So, when things start getting busy, going to the gym falls down the list then ultimately drops off. For those who make it a priority, New Years is not an event. It is just another day to make it to the gym because going is a priority.

The same is true in business. What is made a priority happens, what is not doesn’t. The concept is very simple, but is one of the hardest to acknowledge. The reason the things you want done in your business don’t get done is that they are not a priority. Once you make it so, focus on it, ask about it, report on it, etc., it will start getting done. How are you focusing on your priorities and getting the outcomes you want?

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