don't loose sight by focusing too much

Keeping the decks clear to focus on priorities

Over the holidays, I usually spend some time clearing out the clutter. This year was no exception. A trip to recycle old electronics, clearing out items I no longer use and getting my paperwork in order in advance of the tax season positioned me for a good start in 2020.

But I couldn’t help thinking as I went through everything, that I kept a bunch of articles and things to look at when I had time through the year. And guess what. They were never a priority and just created more work for me later. And a bit of mental overhang that I wasn’t getting to them.

In business and in life, unless something comes along that will really move the dial in making progress, don’t save it for later. If it isn’t a priority, move on. How will you keep the clutter down in 2020?

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