Are you building redundancy into your processes because they are broken?

are you building in extra work because your processes are brokenI went to the bank to update a signature card. It seemed like it should be a straightforward process. But it wasn’t. The fellow on the front line asked me to sign on a little pad several times even though I couldn’t see what I was actually signing for. After a few signatures, he asked me to wait a minute while he printed out the document. He needed additional signatures there as the system automatically deletes the electronic signatures about half the time. Huh?

Imagine if this was your business. Would you want your peoples’ work load to be double because the system doesn’t work? Would you want your customers to experience this type of situation? Most businesses are trying to find a way to increase productivity and engagement. This one little instance indicates there is probably a lot of opportunity. How are you building mechanisms into your business to report and fix problems proactively?

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