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Hearing vs. Understanding—A Major Point of Frustration and Conflict in Business

It is a common point of contention in business. One party shares their expectations about how business is conducted. Could be an owner, a lender, a partner, or a customer. The conversation seems like it went well. But then, things don’t go well and frustration increases because it seems the person didn’t hear what was being said.

The problem isn’t that the person didn’t hear. It is usually that they don’t understand what the other meant. They don’t have the same point of reference, so they think things are going well and don’t understand why there is an issue.

The trick is to create a picture that both parties clearly understand to discuss expectations.  Don’t assume the point of reference is the same.

Are you actively working to ensure understanding in your agreements? What else can you do to make sure you are on the same page?

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