is there a third option you haven't considered?

Is there a third option you haven’t thought about?

My dog was at the doggy hotel. Being a rescue dog, she always struggles when I’m out of town. So, I do my best to minimize the time she is there. I was debating the merits of driving back and forth twice in traffic to pick her up, drop her at home, then back into town versus leaving her for a few extra hours at the doggy hotel and making just one trip.

Then it struck me, my plane was getting in early enough and I could pick her up tonight rather than tomorrow. I usually get in too late, so the option didn’t immediately occur to me. But once it did, it was obvious and the best choice—and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought about it earlier.

Many times there are better options that don’t present themselves because you are so focused on the choices in front of you. It is only when you step back that other better options present themselves. How are you making space to invite better options to reveal themselves?

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