what happened to the barf bag?

What happened to the barf bag?

The flight was relatively smooth and uneventful. So it was a surprise when five people got sick. The flight attendants scrambled to get plastic bags and paper towels to clean up the mess. One of them remarked to me that he felt badly for the people, but was surprised since there was no turbulence. The incident left me thinking it has been some time since I saw the bag in the seat pocket. I checked, and sure enough, there was nothing there. The thing is, the bag isn’t needed most of the time. But when it is needed, it is needed immediately.

In business, there are tools put into place to mitigate risks. But if you take away those tools, you may find a little mess becomes a big mess. Just like turbulence and people getting sick can be predicted, you have situations in your business that can be too. What can you do to put tools in place to mitigate the mess before it happens?

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